How long until I receive my MWearNYC order?

Because all of our products are hand made to order, please allow 2 weeks for your order to ship. All orders are shipped via USPS and should arrive between 5-7 days after the ship date (allow 10-14 days for orders outside the U.S.).

Are there fabrics available that are not listed as options on the website?

Yes. If you would like a fabric not shown on the website, please go to our "Custom Order" page and submit an order.

Where are MWearNYC products made?

All MWearNYC products are hand made in the USA.

Do you offer express shipping?

We do NOT offer express shipping at this time. After your order is placed, please allow 2 weeks for it to be shipped. All orders are shipped via USPS and should arrive between 5-7 days after the ship date (allow 10-14 days for orders outside the U.S.).    

How should I care for my MWearNYC products?

To guarantee your MWearNYC products live a long life, we suggest either hand or machine washing in cold water and air drying.    


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. Please visit our Contact Us section to inquire about wholesale orders.

How do I determine my pouch size?

Most men will find that a Medium pouch is just what they need. If you regularly have a 1/4"-1/2" gap between the side of your underwear and your leg joint when wearing an anatomically cut pouch, you may be more comfortable with a Large. If you have a 1/2"-3/4" gap, you may be more comfortable in an X Large. On the other hand, if you regularly have extra, loose fabric that hangs 1/4"-1/2" from the front of your pouch, you may be more comfortable with a Small. If the loose fabric is 1/2"-3/4", you may be more comfortable with an X Small. Don't worry, we aren't undermining the size of your manhood, the pouch size has to do with the proportion of your waist to your package size so everyone will be different. Most other brands of underwear are constructed to flatten instead of flatter, while all MWearNYC products have an anatomically cut pouch which will allow enough room for all of your package to be supported in a natural position. These adjustments are determined at your own discretion. For pouch sizing that you believe falls outside of our XS-XL sizing, please contact us here and send us the measurements that are illustrated in our Custom Pouch Sizing Guide.

What pouch size is suggested for someone with body modifications (silicone, saline, etc.)?

If you believe you fall outside the range of our standard pouch sizes, we suggest placing a custom order to ensure a perfect fit. As a reminder, RTW and custom items are not eligible for returns.

What Size should I Order?

Sizing info is available here.

What countries do you ship to?

Our products can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Can I return or exchange my order?

None of our products are eligible for return or exchange unless there is visible damage to the item or a discrepancy with your received order.    


Can I edit my order?

Orders cannot be edited or canceled once they have been placed. Please double check your cart before submitting your order.    

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